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Discover our streetwear with a Japanese touch! 

Our hand-drawn illustrations and intricately created graphics create a unique pairing with our t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. We attach great importance to a sustainable concept. From production to printing to shipping.

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Fuji 富士山  - Herren HoodieFuji 富士山  - Herren Hoodie
Tokyo Snack Guide 東京  - Herren Oversized HoodieTokyo Snack Guide 東京  - Herren Oversized Hoodie
Manki neko  HoodieManeki Neko Hoodie Back
T-Shirt Kyoto Japan Creme WeißKyoto 京都 - Herren Relaxed T-Shirt
Samurai Kitsune 侍狐  - Herren Oversized HoodieSamurai Kitsune 侍狐  - Herren Oversized Hoodie
Krähe Vögel  Hitchcock T-Shirt - blauKarasu no Mure 烏の群れ  - Krähen am Himmel - Herren Relaxed T-Shirt
Ramen No. 1 ラーメン - Men's HoodieRamen No. 1 ラーメン - Men's Hoodie
Sashimi 刺身  - Herren T-ShirtSashimi 刺身  - Herren T-Shirt
Manga Katakana 漫画  - Herren HoodieManga Katakana 漫画  - Herren Hoodie
Nami 波  - Herren T-ShirtNami 波  - Herren T-Shirt
Nami 波 - Herren T-Shirt Sale price€39,95
Hoodie Mountain FujiFuji 富士山  - Damen Hoodie
Kitsune 狐 - Noh Fuchs Maske  - Herren Oversized HoodieKitsune 狐 - Noh Fuchs Maske  - Herren Oversized Hoodie
Fuji 富士山  - Herren Hoodie-JackeFuji 富士山  - Herren Hoodie-Jacke
Ramen No. 1 ラーメン - Men's T-ShirtRamen No. 1 ラーメン - Men's T-Shirt
Ramen No. 1 ラーメン - Damen Oversized Sweatshirt - Blau Pastell-totobi.deRamen No. 1 ラーメン - Women's Oversized Sweatshirt
Glazed Green-7112Serene Blue-7164
Glazed Green-7112Black-16
T-Shirt Tee Matcha Off-WhiteThé Japonais 日本茶  - Herren T-Shirt
Manga Tokyo Girl Oversized T-Shirt schwarzManga Tokyo Girl 漫画 - Men's Oversized T-Shirt
Umami Ramen Tanktop pinkRamen No. 1 ラーメン - Women's tank top
Tamago 卵  - Herren Relaxed T-ShirtTamago 卵  - Herren Relaxed T-Shirt
Mt. Fuji No. 1 富士山 - Herren T-Shirt-Off
Bottle Green-6891
Sakura 桜 - Herren Sweatshirt-Bottle Green-S-totobi.deSakura 桜 - Herren
Nippon 日本 - Herren Relaxed T-Shirt - weißNippon 日本  - Herren Relaxed T-Shirt
Samurai Kitsune 侍狐  - Herren T-ShirtSamurai Kitsune 侍狐  - Herren T-Shirt
T-Shirt Tiger weißTiger 虎  - Herren Relaxed T-Shirt
Peony 牡丹 - Herren Relaxed T-ShirtPeony 牡丹 - Herren Relaxed T-Shirt