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Daruma だるま Collection

The Daruma is one of the most popular lucky charms in Japan. The Daruma is often conceived as a stand-up figure. It stands for luck, success and the attitude not to get down by setbacks. We have reinterpreted the Daruma. It is expressive and conveys a profound message to carry on your chest.

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Glazed Green-7112Serene Blue-7164
Manekineko No. 1 Orange 招き猫 - Damen T-Shirt-totobi.deManekineko No. 1 Orange 招き猫 - Women's T-Shirt
Manekineko No. 1 Orange 招き猫 - Herren T-Shirt-grün - totobi.deManekineko No. 1 Orange 招き猫 - Herren T-Shirt-weiß -
Daruma Shirt KhakiDaruma Shirt Schwarz
Kranich Origami T-Shirt in French Navy
Glazed Green-7112Black-16
Manekineko  招き猫 - Herren Relaxed Sweatshirt-schwarz -totobi.deManekineko No. 1 Orange 招き猫 - Men's Relaxed Sweatshirt
Vintage White-6881
daruma glücksbringer damen t-shirt oversized khakidaruma glücksbringer damen t-shirt oversized schwarz
Black-16Glazed Green-7112
French Navy-6887Hoodie mit Kranich-Motiv Origami in French Navy
Manekineko No. 1 Orange 招き猫 - Damen Oversized Sweatshirt-schwarztotobi.deManekineko No. 1 Orange 招き猫 - Women's Oversized Sweatshirt
Manekineko Winkekatze Grau 招き猫 - Damen Hoodie schwarztotobi.deManekineko No. 1 Gray 招き猫 - Women's Hoodie
Manekineko No. 1 Orange 招き猫 - DIN A2 Poster (hochformat)-Vintage White-totobi.deManekineko Poster Kunstdruck
Manekineko No. 1 Orange 招き猫 - Jutebeutel-French Navy-Einheitsgröß
Manki neko  HoodieManeki Neko Hoodie Back
Heather Grey-6892India Ink Grey-7147
Heather Grey-6892Glazed Green-7112
Heather Grey-6892French Navy-6887